Aug 25, 2014

POEA cancels recruiter’s license for overcharging , Japhil 2000 International Agency Corporation

News Release
12 August 2014

POEA Administrator Hans Leo J. Cacdac has ordered the cancellation of license of Japhil 2000 International Agency Corporation which was found liable for charging excessive placement fee from a worker it deployed to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Cacdac said Japhil 2000 was found to have collected Php21,100.00 from OFW Honey Lou V. Gian for a cleaner job with a monthly salary of Php8,000.00.

Under POEA rules, a recruitment agency may charge and collect from its hired workers as placement fee an amount equivalent to one month salary of the worker, exclusive of documentation costs.

In her complaint, Gian alleged that Charles D. Sanico, vice-president of the recruitment agency, assured her placement and employment in Dubai as cleaner in a hospital or hotel with a monthly salary of 1,500 dirhams or approximately Php17,2500.00. However, upon arrival in Dubai, she was made to work in an on-call house cleaning services cleaning 3 to 4 residential houses a day which earned her 700 dirhams a month.

Cacdac also found the agency liable for collecting fees from the worker without issuing an appropriate receipt, an official receipt duly registered with the Bureau of Internal Revenue, clearly showing the amount paid and the purpose for which payment was made.

Japhil 2000 also committed misrepresentation relative to the employment of Ms. Gian. “While it is true that “cleaner” is general in usage, the complainant, a graduate of HRM course, was enticed to accept the job only because Sanico promised her employment in a hotel or hospital. Instead, she ended up working for a cleaning company servicing private residences,” Cacdac said.

Aside from cancellation of its license, Cacdac ordered Japhil 2000 and its surety agency to refund to the complainant the amount of Php13,100.00 excessively collected from her. Cacdac also ordered Mr. Sanico, and the other officers and directors of Japhil 2000 at the time of the commission of the violation, disqualified from engaging in the recruitment and placement of overseas Filipino workers.

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