Apr 23, 2015

HIRING: ACCENTURE's Hybris Developers


 Job description

·         Design and develop application using Java Enterprise and hybris and ensure compliance with application development standards
·         Configure, design, build, and test the application or technology architecture components and classes
·         Collaborate with other developers, designers, and architects to make sure that the configuration and custom components
·         meet application requirements and performance goals
·         Contribute to ensuring high quality of code by performing unit testing and following best practices
·         Document the code during development to ensure maintainability
·         Fix any defects and performance problems discovered during testing
·         Provide regular status of each assigned tasks and escalate issues as necessary.

Desired Skills and Experience

·         2+ years design and development experience of Hybris eCommerce
·         Strong understanding of Catalog, Order and Member Subsystems and Media Management in Hybris
·         Strong understanding and experience in Spring, Design Patterns, SOA
·         Good working knowledge of relational databases
·         Has experienced on Agile project
·         Strong problem solving skills: able to logically break down a problem into smaller manageable parts to solve

·         Ability to work independently with minimal assistance and eager to learn

Email resume : louise.m.t.david@accenture.com

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