Apr 22, 2015

HIRING: ACCENTURE's Project Manager


Job description
The position requires working with different teams during envision, planning, development and stabilization phases of software release projects. Further, this position entails monitoring of project cost, schedule and scope, project reporting, metrics generation and analysis. This will work with another project manager for direction and guidance but is expected to be able to work independently on assigned projects/releases.

Desired Skills and Experience


·         Work with different terms on resource capacity allocation and scheduling.
·         Work with other stakeholders on scope identification and management.
·         Mainly responsible for on - time and within - budget completion of software release projects.
·         Track progress of envisioning, planning, development and stabilization phases.
·         Interface with project managers of other products for cross - product certification requirements and execution.
·         Ensure compliance to processes (e.g. entry/exit criteria) and work with the project team on process improvements.
·         Generate and publish project metrics regularly.
·         Send project status reports regularly.
·         Maintain the project portal.
·         Provide feedback on the performance of period team members.
·         Expected to operate independently with minimal guidance from a senior project manager


·         Candidate must possess at least a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or equivalent.
·         Must have at least 6 to 10 years work related experience with background in business analysis, end to end project management or with exposure handling BPO accounts, client management.
·         Must be willing to work independently or in a team.
·         Meet deadlines and should have strong analytical skills to troubleshooting existing problems.
·         Has good communication skills in English and technical skills.

Email resume : louise.m.t.david@accenture.com

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