Mar 17, 2015



Position : Head Butler


Job description
The Head Butler is responsible to oversee the whole butler operations in the whole property. He will assist to maximize revenue potential, maintains Food and Beverage service quality and ensure customer satisfaction at all times. 
·         Train VIP F&B Butlers in proper operational procedures, functions & policies.
·         Attend daily coordination meeting with rest of VIP F&B management to align the two operations.
·         Collaborate with the butler Team VIP F&B Management Team to plan or develop programs of events, schedules of activities, special menus, VIP F&B in room service and other programs to elevate the butler experience in Solaire.
·         Observe and evaluate Team Member’s appearance and performance to ensure quality service and compliance with specifications.
·         Inspect work areas or operating equipment to ensure conformance to established standards in areas such as cleanliness and maintenance and own the maintenance and upkeep activities in this area.
·         Apply customer/guest feedback to improve service efficiency and implement a farewell interview with each guest to receive feedback on service.
·         Set the training programs for Butler certification in Solaire.
·         Participate in continuing education to stay abreast of industry trends and developments in the butler industry.
·         Plan, manage, control budget. Must have fiscal responsibility and business acumen.
·         Furnish customers with information on events or activities.
·         Ensures Team Members performance concerns are addressed. Must be able to develop Performance Improvement Plans and Development Plans as needed.
·         Take disciplinary action to address performance problems and recognize outstanding service through the established programs in Solaire and other internal initiatives.
·         Daily one on one coaching and training of team in real life situations/scenarios as well as role play sessions and situational training.
·         Must be able to quickly adjust, create and implement, based on minimum guidelines / directions, changes that arise from the demands of guests and clients. Minimum supervision is required.
·         Coordinate the development, interpretation and implementation of hotel policies, operating procedures and training programs, manuals, directives, menus, work schedules, rules and regulations for the food and beverage staff and personnel.
·         Develops and maintains effective communication between all operating departments.
·         Must be able to design a career and development plan (competency assessment, certification, futher training) for the Butler Service Team Members.
·         Manage interviewing, staffing, acquisition and retention of butler team members.
·         Perform all assigned duties efficiently, technically correct, follows Company policies, rules and regulations, requests of Superiors, adhered to procedures and achieve a high standard leading to total guest and Company Satisfaction.
·         Update oneself and follow Life and Safety procedures according to Company’s rules and regulations. Ensures that all employees have a complete understanding of and adhere to the hotel policies relating to Fire, Hygiene, Health and Safety.
·         Attend divisional / departmental meeting and training when required.
·         Perform other duties that may be assigned by immediate superiors from time time.
·         Recommend and/or implement changes based on skills and experience acquired in the past for services that have proven successful in other properties in order to elevate the butler experience in Solaire to international 5 star expectations.

Desired Skills and Experience
·         A bachelor’s degree of BS Hotel and Restaurant Management is preferred.
·         Formal butler education is preferred
Work experience
·         Minimum of 3 years of supervisory Level experience in other recognized 5 star hotels / resort / casino properties local or abroad, specifically in relation to butler services is preferred
·         Minimum of 5-year experience as a professional butler in other recognized 5-star hotels / resorts / casino properties locally and/or in overseas.

Relevant skills
·         Proficiency in spoken and written English and Chinese is required.
·         Able to effectively communicate with all levels of Team Members and Management.
·         Extensive knowledge in Food & Beverage.
·         Extensive knowledge in Butler Service Operations
·         Extensive Knowledge in Safety and Sanitation
·         Knowledge in Inventory Procedures
·         Knowledge in Purchasing Procedures
·         Willing to work in long hours and shifting schedules

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