Mar 13, 2015

HIRING: Globe's Learning Academy Manager

Job description

·         Aligns learning and development strategies for the Learning Academy with strategic business imperatives in support of the broader Globe University strategy
·         Forecasts and manages the Learning Academy budget within the total Globe University mandates
·         Aligns Learning Practitioners in the discipline of curriculum development, designing program content, method and assessment in accordance with Globe University’s standards.
·         Assists Learning Operations in Learning budgets, Policies and governance, Multi-media learning and learning operations.
·         Assists the Globe University Lead in developing and implementing overall Academy Strategy, and Operations.
·         Develops program calendar for the Learning Academy based on knowledge and skills identified to support business imperatives
·         Focuses Learning Academy capability development in the direction of the broader human capital strategy of the organization.
·         Designs learning interventions identified in the competency assessment, learner and business feedback
·         Develops content for programs that have been identified in alignment with the business
·         Develops evaluation execution plan for proficiency increase and workplace application
·         Develops and keeps abreast of applicable advancements in learning tools and processes so that new innovation can be incorporated into content design and learning interventions
·         Ensures consistent alignment with the business and its stakeholders in relation to learning and development requirements that are responsive and on point to strategic directions.
·         Works with the business to identify ways where learning interventions are needed and may be optimally delivered to support the business when and where it needs it.
·         Works with the business in promoting a learning climate and disposition that supports a values-based high-performing and agile learning organization

Desired Skills and Experience
Graduate of any 4/5 degree course
With strong academic-orientation, from strategy & program development to integration and implementation 

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