May 18, 2015

HIRING: GLOBE's Telco Project Manager

Job description
·         Project manages implementation of high revenue customer accounts through coordination with various functional groups within Globe and outside the organization
·         Attends kick-off meeting for complex high revenue projects
·         Assesses and reviews technical project design and implementation plan 
·         Provide timely update to internal and external customers
·         Attends meetings with project proponents and clients when necessary for update status and project timeline
·         Consolidate, evaluate and submit weekly and monthly report of work orders to immediate superior, project proponents and project stakeholders
·         Assesses and reviews build out design and implementation plan prepared by contractors
·         Guides junior project managers (through on the job consultations) in facilitating projects whenever necessary
·         Escalates issues that may arise that will affect delivery of the project on the required RFS date of the customer
Desired Skills and Experience
Graduate of any 4/5 year degree course
Preferably with IT/ Telco-orientation

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