May 19, 2015

HIRING: GLOBE's Systems Integrator

Job description
·         The position is responsible for planning, leading and delivering the solutions design, infrastructure, architecture, implementation and integration requirements across all stages (System Design, Scoping and Process Design, Impact Assessment and Testing) of the project on time, within budget and with high quality.
·         The person drives the collaboration across all project tracks and BAU resources to ensure effective communication and execution of all tasks specified in the project plan.  
Desired Skills and Experience
Graduate of any 4/5 year degree course
Open to a minimum of 1-year contract in Manila, Philippines on a purely cash package
Must possess both organizational and technical skills, and is expected to have the required domain knowledge on the following:
·         Organization Structure and Key Stakeholders
·         BSS Solution architecture
·         Integration architecture
·         Infrastructure deployment
·         Data Migration
·         Applications Development
·         Test Management
·         Operations Readiness

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