May 21, 2015

HIRING: GLOBE's Analytics and Capability Build Manager

Job description
·         Develops the overall capability builds to enable Globe’s advance analytics
·         Initiates capability build ideas and roadmap based on customer/segment/ brand insights and market opportunities needed across the business, whether this is for launching a New Offer or New Capability/Product
·         Creates advance analytics capability roadmap to be submitted to the Head for review and approval, including creation of dynamic profiles, context based offers/ products/bundles, database management and integration to support brand, segments and new business/revenue streams
·         Works and collaborates with product & other groups in Globe (eg. Network, CXP, Big Data, Digital Media) to build the proper infrastructure to support big data, advance analytics, including aggregation of data across various parts of the business
·         Prioritizes build concepts and phasing in of a scaleable analytics platform that can be used within Globe and for “reselling”/B2B offers
Desired Skills and Experience

At least 3 years of Marketing/ Business Development

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